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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Time to Let go


The day we all want to arrive but at the same time, the day we all want to avoid.

Last March 22, 2014 I experienced that feeling of both extreme joy and sadness as I saw my batch mates parade one last time wearing their white togas and graduation caps. While looking at them and seeing their faces for one last time I can’t help but be emotional because, come on, after spending 12 years of your life with them and seeing them almost every day, it will be really hard to say “Goodbye”.

We had a mass first before commencing the graduation rites. Once the mass was done I’m sure my batch mates and I were pumped to let our parents and relatives hear our “Lupang Hinirang” which in my opinion sounded really awesome that day. (Good job guys). The moment our Salutatorian came up to the podium, most of my batch mates were already crying. Then came the awarding of Diplomas and Medals, the last time I get to see my batch mates’ faces one by one. When my friends came on stage I can’t help but feel like a proud momma goose when their awards were announced. But when I came up the stage it was a different story, I really couldn’t hear anything while they were announcing the awards because my emotions were going haywire. 

That will be the last time I will ever stand on that stage 

After all of the awards were handed out it was finally time for our valedictorian (first valedictorian after 3 years!!!) to speak. She gave us nothing but the best roller coaster of emotions ever.  
When she was done we had our oath taking and not too long after that we were now walking out of the auditoriums as alumnae. Never in my life did I experience such a strong surge of relief and sadness. The moment I went out of the auditorium I just had to scream “GRADUATE NA AKO!!!!” (I’m a graduate!) at the top of my lungs. 

But the best part of everything was making these 2 people proud. 

Sometimes we take Goodbye’s for granted, using it as more of an “I will see you soon” than an “I’m leaving you and might not see you again” statement. The first time I ever felt the true meaning of goodbye was when I was being sent off from my home for 12 years. I have gotten used to saying goodbye on the last day of classes because it was given that we will see each other in 2-3 month’s time. Then it hits me that the time I might get to see some of my batch mates again could probably be a number of years from now. However, at the same time, I am ecstatic for what these goodbyes hold for me. Thinking about the future worries me but excites me at the same time. I am both sad and happy that I don’t get to see the people I grew up with on a regular basis anymore. Sad because of extremely self-explanatory reasons and happy because once I see them in the future (hopefully living their dreams) there will be more stories for us to tell and more adventures for us to journey back together. 
As our dear directress once said “It’s time to let go.” 

Don’t let the memories you keep weigh you down from heading out into the world; learn from them and use them to help you fly out on your own. I love you my dear batch mates, thank you for making every year with you worth treasuring. 

‘Till we meet again! ;)
On another note:
I got a Macbook Pro 13" w/ Retina display for my graduation gift! God knows how much I needed a new laptop. Love you so much my dear parents (the one I am currently using)
And I am qualified for a 25%-50% tuition discount for my college (University of Asia and the Pacific)!

PS. I actually planned on adding the accomplishments of our batch but I decided that it should have its own post. Haha.
Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What and Why?

What happens when you’re on the first Monday of the summer, stuck in your room with a light rain outside and the whole family is outside?
Sleep? Eat? Watch a movie? Maybe.
But I decided to make my own blog. 

Why make a blog? 
I’ve always wanted to make a blog ever since I was exposed to one. Another factor is that some of my friends are bloggers and I envied them because they were really good writers and very artsy people so I took on the challenge of making a blog not only to write about things but to also improve my skills on writing. And I LOVE MAKING FRIENDS, through the huge help of the internet it is now easier for me to meet new people and make her friends. 
Through this blog I want to be able to broadcast my feelings and share my adventures to the world. I want to share my opinions even if some may not agree with me. And to learn to embrace my personality, gain more confidence and hopefully help others learn as well. 
What to expect?
Expect a lot of food, dancing and a whole lot of randomness in epic proportions. 
What kind of blog will this be?
As of now it’s a leisure blog wherein I get to post my adventures and my thoughts on any random topic.
What are your interests?
I love dancing, baking, singing in the shower, eating pizza, eating cheese, eating chocolates, reading books that aren’t related to academics, eating lasagna, talking, braiding hair, and hugging my friends. 
What are your dreams?
I dream on becoming a successful entrepreneur! I love the idea of being able to make money out of something you love doing. 
But I also plan on being a fashion blogger, photographer, videographer, hair stylist and make-up artist. I know I have a lot but then again, better to have a million dreams to motivate you than none at all. 
Hopefully after this very short Q&A session I was able to encourage you to look forward and support my new venture as a blogger and help you look forward to what I have in store for you in the future. :D


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