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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Why Dance?

(Picture taken by: Michael Galvez)

I love dancing I really do. Let me state the reasons why.
  1. Its the best kind of exercise ever. 
  2. You feel more confident about yourself. 
  3. Its easy to make friends with other dancers.
  4. You get to be an inspiration to others.
  5. And the way other people inspire you is just amazing.
  6. You learn how to make sacrifices.
  7. And the feeling when all of your sacrifices paid off? Worth even more than the things you gave up for. 
  8. You treasure the value of teamwork.
  9. You can surprise yourself.
  10. The feeling of losing yourself on stage while dancing. 
  11. The beautiful mix of excitement and nervousness before performing.
  13. One way or another everyone can just easily understand each other.
  14. The wide array of styles you can try out. 
  15. My iPod says thank you for the awesome songs. 
  16. You can express every single kind of emotion through dance.
  17. It can make you smile, angry, laugh and cry.
  18. The feeling of fulfilment mixed with sweat and gasping for air after a performance.
  19. It can tell beautiful stories.
  20. Dance shots
  21. Costumes
  22. When you hear music anywhere, you can’t help but dance along to it.
  23. The opportunities that are present everywhere.
  24. When dancers gather together for a competition or a recital. (Something crazy always happening everywhere)
  25. Teammates —> Family
  26. Team Bondings
  27. When you see your friends dancing on stage and you just can’t help but scream
  28. Krumping is a better alternative to fighting.
  29. Its pretty amazing how all of the bad vibes just go away when I start dancing.
  30. It taught me how to be better in life in so many ways.
  31. When I’m not dancing, I eat. That is why I need to dance to not get fat.
  32. I get to embody many characters but still be myself (if that makes any sense).
  33. Cheering for each other when dancing.
  34. Pigging out after training.
  35. You just enjoy both watching and dancing dances.
  36. That feeling when you’re in control of the crowd’s feelings.
  37. The only time for you to look ugly, fierce, swag, cool, mad and sexy without anyone judging you.
  38. Dancers can be really Really REALLY clingy
  39. You just can’t help but love everything when you dance.
  40. Dance is the best way to escape reality but at the same time make most of everything in that moment.
So I now have listed down 40 reasons why I love to dance. Hopefully this list is more than enough to show my love and respect for all the dancers out there. And probably, maybe, even if just a little, it made you want to dance too.

“Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts. For it is no mere translation or abstraction of life. It is life itself.” 
-Henry Havelock

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