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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Choosing to be Brave

The year 2014 has been named as the “Year of the Laity” by the church as the start of the 9-year preparation of the celebration of the 5th centennial of the Christianization of the Philippines, with the tagline “Choose to be brave” the church is encouraging the catholics to be more brave in sharing their faith to others. And as a young catholic myself, this is my way of choosing to be brave.

When I hear my friends say that they don’t have a solid relationship with Christ, or they don’t appreciate the sacraments, or they don’t believe in the teachings of the church, it honestly breaks my heart. To hear such things from the youth of today, the youth who will be entrusted with the future is utterly disappointing. Being in a catholic community since I was a child, I was very exposed to people living their lives in complete devotion to the Lord and due to that exposure, I myself have started developing that lifestyle too.

When you think of a church community you think that people there are raising their hands singing (and sometimes even crying) to worship songs and saying “Amen.” all the time, well let me tell you something… its true. But if you think that to be in a community you have to be clean and pure you are entirely wrong. EVERYONE in the community is a SINNER, from the attendees to the preachers and I myself, we are all sinners even if we already are attending church we still sin. But what makes us go back? Even if we know how UNDERSERVING we are to stand in front of God, it has been engraved in our hearts that we are still accepted and loved by the person who created the universe.

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