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Saturday, December 20, 2014

My First Online Shopping Experience with Zalora + Review

With its wide array of products ranging from long gowns to hair clips for the ladies and Designer shoes to wallets for men, ZALORA has made itself “Asia’s Online Fashion Destination” with branches not only here in the Philippines but in other Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. With its entrance in the Philippine market, this website has taken online shopping to the next level. 

If some of you may not know, I have always wanted to go shopping online but I never really continued with my purchases because of the following reasons:
  • I do not have a credit card
  • I’m scared to ask my parents
  • We don’t have a PayPal account (huhu I know)
  • Ordering from an online store based in a different country makes me afraid of customs
  • I just don’t have money at all
I know, I don’t even know why I bothered going window shopping online anyways. 

Then, in one very beautiful Sunday afternoon, I was able to receive money I was told to use for the things I want online. THAT WAS WHEN MY JOURNEY STARTED.

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