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Friday, May 22, 2015

Hair Days

Anonymous once said, “How can I control my life when I can’t control my hair?” and for the past few months that have passed by, I couldn’t agree more.
I was always fond of fixing my friends’ hairs because during that time my hair wasn’t long enough to be braided and curled. My interest in braiding and hairstyling was at it’s peak during my second year in high school, my classmates that year should probably know the reason behind it. 
One of the main reasons why is because during that time my hair was in an awkward phase and it was such a struggle for me to fix, but then my best friend (who at that time had very long hair) became my classmate which meant she had no choice but to be my test subject when I want to try out new braids. My classmates noticed it and out of nowhere my other classmate and I started braiding their hair every day.
 I still remember the day we were going to take our class picture, everyone wanted to go for the same hairstyle so my friend and I were just busy braiding everyone’s hair during breaks which resulted to all of them wearing the same hairstyle and me being the odd one out which I was totally fine with me.
But that was second year high school, now that I’m on my way to my second year of college I want to talk about how I style my hair and share with you my hair styling wish list.

Let’s begin.
To be completely honest, when I go to school I usually just put my hair up in a ponytail, bun or just let it down because I don’t really have enough time to fix my hair in the morning and in between breaks so I just always opt for the simple and classic “I’m-too-preoccupied-with-my-academics-and-food-breaks-but-this-is-me-making-an-effort-to-at-least-look-decent” look but if my block mates ask me to fix their hair I will gladly do so.
However, it’s a completely different story when I go to places other than my house and my school. These days I’ve been pretty fond of curling my hair even when we’re just going to take a stroll, I’ve been using my flat iron more often than my curling iron to curl my hair. On days I just lounge around at home, you can expect me to just randomly curl my hair or see me search hairstyle videos on youtube.
How I play around with my hair when I’m bored at home.
 Top & Headbands: Forever 21 || Hair “curler”: Babyliss Straightening Iron 
With my interest and knowledge in hairstyling grows, so do my interest in hairstyling products and below is a list of things I am itching to have.
(Photo from: Nume’s official website)
Nume Titan 3
This curling wand has been getting nothing but love from famous beauty bloggers and vloggers. I personally think I’m more of a curling wand girl than a curling iron one. What I like about the Nume Titan 3 is it’s adjustable heat setting, very very very quick heating & curling time and 3 interchangeable barrels! Some vloggers say that while using the wand they can curl their hair in under 5 minutes. Which is something I want to try since I usually take up to 30 minutes in curling my hair. (Sadly, they don’t have it here in the Philippines so I’m trying to find ways on how I can get one)
(Photo from:
TRESemm√© keratin smooth heat protection 
Since I like curling and styling,my hair it is very important for me to keep my hair healthy even with all the heat I use on it which is why I would want to get myself a heat protection spray to prevent my hair from burning. Most of the reviews on this product are all positive which is why I want to try it myself. Oh! And it's also very affordable compared to other Heat Protection formulas.
(Photo from Google)

Dry Shampoo 
I haven’t chosen a specific one yet but, most beauty experts say that washing your hair everyday can be bad so when I stumbled on dry shampoo I was really really curious as to what it can do for me. Then I found out that when using dry shampoo I get to lessen my showers in a day (perfect for days I want to stay in) which means, healthier scalp, smoother ends, lesser oil and extra volume for my hair!
So far those are the hair products I am eyeing right now and hopefully I get to get my hands on at least one of them soon.
But then again, as much as I love my hair its already summer and its incredibly hot in the Philippines so I'm still debating if I should cut my hair short again or not. 
How about you? What are your favourite hairstyles, hairstyling tools and products? Leave a comment down below for me to see.
Oh! And before I forget Do you guys like my new blog? All thanks to my friend Keith Rodriguez from Sartorial Noir for helping me with literally everything! Please do check her out guys she is one fashion blogger to look out for.

NOTE: This is not a sponsored blog post. The products listed are from my own preference.

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