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Monday, August 18, 2014

A Letter to my Best Friend

To be very honest, I forgot how we first met each other (way to start things out Chelsea. *pats myself on the shoulder*) all I remember is us being classmates being brought together by our common love for books and musicals. From then on our forever started. 
Those young days when our dreams consist of you becoming a very known fashion designer and me being a professional dancer. Then came the days we dreamed of you going to Europe to study while I go to Juilliard. Until finally you settled on studying in Fordham while I said I will just settle for studying business and stay in the country. Then came the dreams of you being a DJ, a singer and a cheerleader while I dreamed of participating in a dance competition. But let us not forget your dream of becoming a princess.

And now those dreams are not just dreams anymore. Here I am finally studying business with the hopes of becoming a successful entrepreneur while you will be finally studying in your dream school in New York.You have accomplished being a Radio Jock, a singer, and a cheerleader and I was able to win a trophy in a competition. And you were indeed the most beautiful princess I have ever seen when you turned eighteen. We even spent time together in a foreign country, and not everyone can check that off their bucket list  I can’t express in words how proud I am of you for accomplishing those dreams. Even if I may not have been beside you the whole time I hope that you know that it won’t matter how far away I am, I will always be supporting you. Not only have I been there with you but you have been there with me when I finally accomplished my dream, you were the first one to hug me when I got in and the first to congratulate me when we won. 

We have been accomplishing dreams ever since we crossed each other’s paths and have supported each other every step of the way. As cliche as it sounds, I can honestly say that I can’t be the person I am today without you. You gave me confidence and constantly remind me that the best person I can be is myself. Can I just tell you that you are the best best friend I could ever ask for. I just want to thank you for accepting me and all of my foolishness and my whole being and placing the label best friend with it. 
However, no matter how proud I am there’s this part in me who wants to be selfish. Deep inside theres a part of me that wants you to stay because we have so many dreams yet to accomplish. I want to experiment more braids on your hair. I want to spend more time with you and just talk about anything under the sun. I want to be there to hug you when you cry and I want you to be there when I cry. I want to have more lunch and dinner dates with you. I want to have more sleepovers with you. I want to have more mani pedi bondings. I want to travel to other places with you. I want to run to you if I have any rants about college. I want to have more times for us to just be together. 


Even if we have our modern day technology it still won’t be the same. Talking through a small window and not being able to hit each other and hug each other will be a very huge adjustment for us. Who will be there to control you while shopping? Who will be there to take care of you after a party? Who will be there to comfort you when you’re sad? Who will be there to hold your hand during a movie? Who will be there to finish your food? I know someone will be there, but it wouldn’t be me. All the things a best friend should do I couldn’t do because I’m not there with you. But I promise you that I will do my very best to do whatever I can when you need a best friend. 
It will be difficult for us to talk to each other, I admit it. But I promise you that it won’t change how much I care for you. If you see me with other people in pictures online, don’t worry because I will keep my promise of not finding a new best friend forever and always. 

BUT now is not the time to be selfish. It might take some time but I know we will get through whatever this is. Let’s think of this as another obstacle we just need to surpass together and I know we can do it. I couldn’t explain how much you mean to me so please do take care. Study hard and make me proud because I will be doing the same for you. Be a good girl. Don’t get arrested (I can’t bail you out). I promise to visit you when we go to New York anytime soon (hopefully). Don’t forget to call, I will always make sure to answer. But if by some occasion I don’t or can’t I will immediately call you back. Make new friends but don’t replace me please. Whenever something happens you have to tell me first,okay? You don’t know how much I will miss you.

This will be one of my favourite pictures ever.
I love you to infinity my best friend for real for life. 
<3, your best friend who will be doing her best to stay strong.
PS. I hope you liked what I have prepared for you.

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