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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Summer 2014

Exams are over, diplomas have been received and hotels are fully booked, these signs show that it is finally the most awaited season of the entire Philippine population… SUMMER!!! The best season to go out, bond with friends and family with only your wardrobe to worry about.
I know that this summer will be different and special, but it is always up to me on how I will spend it. This will be my last summer before I head on to college so I don’t plan on wasting it. This is going to be the best summer yet! Before my vacation kicks into full gear, I would want to share to all of you what this summer has in store for me.


1.Dance all summer long!

Even if I have been dancing for a very long time now, this will be the first summer class I will ever attend! (Excluding the past 2 summers because I call that summer training than a summer… class haha I hope you get me) I will be attending dance classes in the one and only Groove Central! The place is very well known among dancers because the classes and the coaches who teach there are truly world class! (and by world class I mean they really do compete internationally) Another reason as to why I am excited to go here is because I am going to take both of my coach’s classes with my teammates and friends!  
Funkadelic and A-District are the classes I will be taking; both of which are very contrasting styles. Funkadelic is more on the fierce and femme fatale kind of dance with a lot of waacking and sexy moves *hearts hearts* while A-District leans more on the powerful and masculine side. I am too excited to embody 2 different personalities this summer (Beyonce for Funk and Meek Mill for A-District), it will be a challenge but at the same time it will be a very rewarding experience. 

2. HK2014

My best friends and I will be embarking on a very thrilling trip to Hong Kong from April1-4! Why? Its actually a very long story but lets just say that things didn’t go as planned but it did turn out into something better! My friends and I have been waiting for this the moment we started we planned it -which was around December/January- and now that it really is coming fast, all of us are pretty hyped to head on to this adventure,
What makes this trip really special is because this will be our last summer before we head on to college (special mention to my best friend who will head on to Fordham this August *cries*) AND… did I mention we only have 2 adults to accompany us? Which means I can eat and shop all I want!!!! (Don’t worry mom and dad, I will be good). Hooray for Chinese food!

3. SG2014

Another trip I will be taking will be a trip to the Lion City, Singapore! Yes, 2 countries in 1 month, talk about being blessed! This time I will be bonding with my family and visit a relative who is working there who I really do miss dearly. I’m excited for this trip because it will take longer (almost a week) and I have more family members with me! (which actually translates too “hooray for more money” just kidding… half) I am actually pretty excited to see how Singapore really is, I want to know how it feels to be in a 1st world country and experience the life there. And of course… the food.

Most of my batch mates will be having their debuts this year, and a lot of them will be this summer. I can’t wait to bond with my friends again and have a good time!
Did I mention that I will be hosting 2 debuts this year? I already hosted 2 parties, both of which are parties of the same friend haha. I really did enjoy hosting the parties because it was a gathering of close friends and I love Sammy haha. I usually push away all shame I have and willingly humiliate myself when I host. And then I got 2 more offers to host other parties with my partner in crime Denise (Hi Anissa and Alyssa), they will be the last 2 people we will host for free, other offers we would have to ask for a payment already. We are not joking.
  1. Meet new friends
  2. Keep in touch with the people I have now
  3. Get a new hairstyle
  4. Look for a summer job
  5. Earn more money
  6. Blog some more
Now that I have shown you all a list of my summer plans and summer goals I can’t wait to blog about them soon! Hopefully by the end of the summer I can tick all of the goals that I have off and head on to make new plans and goals for college!
How about you, what do you have in store for your summer and what are the things you would want to achieve before it ends?

(Credits to Groove Central, Recruiter Asia & for the pictures)
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