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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kidzania Manila Experience

With Manila being its 20th location in the world, Kidzania brings aspiring Filipino kids to a place where they can work, earn, pay, be independent, and have fun at the same time! When I first heard that they were going to make a branch here in Manila, I was PUMPED. Then I remembered I was around 17 years old that time and was no longer within the age limit, but thank goodness my brother was years younger than me and because of that I was still able to enter the magical world of Kidzania. 

Let me start off with a simple tip: BE THERE EARLY. We made a mistake of going there at around 9 in the morning and we were greeted with a long line. If you want to make more of the time given during the shift, I HIGHLY suggest being there early.

Because of the long line it took us around 10  minutes, more or less to get our boarding passes. Good news tho, the line may be long but the service was really efficient and fast so the lines were constantly moving which made everyone in line feel at ease. 

Once the kids got their bank statements and all of us got our boarding passes and got through the guards we have finally entered KIDZANIA.

At first look I thought it was really small, but it was not small at all. We already spent so much time on the first floor that I forgot there were more on the second floor!

The kids had a great time trying out different things like taking part in an emergency situation, taking care of pets and babies, being part of the Kidzania Police Department, deliver boxes, compute taxes, help in housekeeping for a hotel! Below are some of the things they do and the sites they have!

One thing that I really recommend getting is a PASSPORT. Not only will the kids be able to be a citizen of Kidzania, they will also earn more Kidzos (Kidzania currency) when they do their jobs, receive discounts in the stores, and also be the first to know about special Kidzania events! Not a bad deal for 250 pesos I gotta tell you.

I know parents and guardians, I'm about to get into it. What's in store for those who can't participate in the activities?

  • To start with, you're surrounded by adorable children doing their jobs. 
  • You can take pictures of the kiddos while you're at it
  • They have many places to grab a snack while waiting (Like McDonalds, Yellow Cab, and Mini Stop)
  • They also have a parent's lounge where its comfy, cold, and serves coffee!
Parent's Lounge

They have their own McCafe inside!
How will I know how long the activity will take? Well, every activity has a sign by the door where all the details are placed (see image below)! You can leave your child while he/she does the activity while you go and get yourself a snack!
Activity Information

Final thoughts:
CAN THERE PLEASE BE SOMETHING LIKE THIS FOR INDECISIVE TEENS AND LOST ADULTS WHO DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR LIVES? Because I think it will be a big hit. I really recommend Kidzania for all kids and parents, because not only do they get a clearer picture of what they want to be in the future, they also learn about being responsible and independent, something that I think is really worth the money.

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