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Friday, January 8, 2016

KCON2015 Youth Conference Experience

I haven't been attending the Kerygma Conference for a consecutive of 2-3 years because of competitions and school, so when I knew that the Kerygma Conference this year won't be interrupted with any schedule of mine, I decided to take this opportunity to the fullest.

To those who don't know what the Kerygma Conference is, let me borrow how they defined it on the official website.

Kerygma Conference is an annual inspirational and learning event led by the Light of Jesus Family under the leadership of Bro. Bo Sanchez.The first Kerygma Conference was held in 2007 with more than 5,000 attendees. It has grown quickly year-on-year with attendees coming from the Philippines and all over the world.

The streams were held in the SMX Convention Center where there were talks going on simultaneously that will cater to every person's needs! There were streams for Business and Career, Leadership and Education, Church Ministry, Wellness and Health, Family and Relationships, and last but not the least, the very amazing YOUTH CONFERENCE (which is what I will focus on).

The moment I entered the hall I knew it was going to be one heck of a ride. There were no chairs so everyone had to sit down on the carpeted floor and there were inflatable attractions in every side of the room. It was when I sat down with my cousins when I found out that everyone was seated in quadrants and every quadrant was equivalent to one team (I will expound more on this later). 

The Talks:

The KCON Youth Stage from my view. 
Just as it began the energy was already way up in the stratosphere with the opening worship. Everyone was already jumping, singing, and shouting as if we all forgot that it was only 9 in the morning.
I took this photo when (Tito) Bro. Obet/ Daddy O giving the first talk. 
Once we were all warmed up, we were asked to settle down Bro. Obet Cabrillas, who is mostly called by the Youth as Daddy O gave us the first talk of the day. He talked about the true meaning of home and how us, the Youth can turn our simple houses into a place of rest, happiness and love.
Justin Fatica

The next talk was given by the guest speaker Justin Fatica. He started his talk by asking 2 kids to have a joust battle. All of us thought he was joking but after 2 boys raised their hands and went near the stage, we realised he wasn't. Justin wasn't your typical preacher, he preached with a rough and loud voice about the true realities that everyone is facing. He asked if there were people who are having a hard time with their families, those who have lost their fathers, and even those who wanted to kill themselves before to raise their hands, and what shocked me was the number of people who did raise their hands. 
After showing us all the shocking truth he asked us to work together in being more sensitive and caring for each other by asking those who have been through the same trials to hug each other for them to know that they are not alone (that part really touched my heart, I almost cried). All throughout his talk he kept on repeating one phrase making sure it will stick with us even after his talk and that phrase is "YOU ARE AMAZING." Its simple and short, but Justin made sure that his statement didn't leave us unchanged.

Bro. Bo Sanchez

The last talk was given by Bo Sanchez, the founder of The Feast, bestselling author, and world renowned preacher, however when he gave us his talk that day he stripped himself of all of those titles and put on a different cap. He showed himself to us as someone who was addicted to porn, a person who didn't do good in school, and many more qualities from his past that won't make you believe that he would be a preacher today. His talk solely focused on how our failures and imperfections shouldn't define us in the future, and it will be because of those imperfections and failures that we will be successful in the future.

The Games:

Going back to what I said in the intro about how everyone was divided into quadrants, it was because throughout the program, the 4 teams competed with each other through games and cheers. Below are some of the games that took place.
Obstacle Course

Joust Battle between the ladies

Next Level Soccer Game
I wasn't able to get pictures of the other 2 games which were the "Sumo" game and the game where the guy who jumps and sticks the highest on the velcro wall wins, but these will do.
Youth Champion Banner
Everyone who participated played their hardest and those who stayed in their seats screamed their loudest for their team to have the honour of being called the first KCON YOUTH CHAMPION and earn the winning banner for the team.

And yes, my team (Ignite) won. Couldn't have gotten those extra cheering points without my over enthusiastic cousins and I who sacrificed our voices and energy jumping and screaming for the team though *wink wink*

The Worship:

This was my hands down favourite part of the Youth Conference. There was just something about the energy in the room when all of us were jumping up and down singing love songs to the Lord. 

There was one time I just stopped singing and looked around at all of the teenagers around me singing along with eyes closed and hands high and in that moment I felt that all of us could've spent our weekend any other way, but all of us chose to be there. All of us chose God. Everyone in the room was damaged one way or another, but that didn't stop them from singing their lungs out  and raising their hands during worship because they knew that the God they placed themselves before loved them for who they are, sins and imperfections included.

Also a quick shoutout to this brilliant young man Rizmon Reyes for the beautiful spoken word that gave me goosebumps the whole time. Please tell me you have a video of it because the world needs to hear your piece. 

The Conclusion:

The emotions, thanksgiving, and joy I felt that day still remains with me up to this day, and I think it will stay with me until the next Youth Conference next year. It made me aware of how powerful the youth is with our knowledge, determination and faith along with the amount of time we have left compared to those older than us, gives us the most powerful edge among the rest.
Being in that room made me feel that all hope is not lost in the world just yet. It made me excited to see how the youth of today can take over and change the world in the future. It made me look forward to how many more hearts everyone in that room will bless. 

If you want to see more of what happened, click on the SDE video below or head on over to my Facebook page to see my snapchat story.

The KCON Youth Conference showed me how much love their is in the world and how powerful HIS love is above all. It showed me my way back to comfort, to love and  to happiness,but most of all, it showed me my way back home. 

I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world. I hope you can join us next year for the next KCON Youth Conference!

Disclaimer: The pictures used in this post are taken from the Light of Jesus Youth Missions Facebook unless stated otherwise and also not including the pictures that includes my face.

How about you? I would love to know what you thought about this article. Feel free to comment below on what you think.


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