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"Chelsea's loud but in the best way possible. She's a little weird but aren't we all? She's lost in a world but it's okay because she's lost in her world."- Zoe Andin of Confetti Flurries
"The Whimsical Wanderer is a lifestyle and travel blog that revolves around the life of 18-year-old Chelsea Toledo from the sunny Philippines. “Whimsical” is an understatement for someone who seeks adventure everywhere she goes and finds happiness even in the smallest things. Also with “wanderer”, when she bakes, dances, and travels. She’s fond of food, puppies, and the music, dramas, and men from South Korea.
This blog serves as a documentation of her thoughts, feelings, and experiences that can range from the last Korean drama she watched – to her devout experiences. " - Celina Cruz of
"Chelsea Toledo is an aspiring entrepreneur, full time student, and part time blogger behind The Whimsical Wanderer. Passionate about faith, travelling, fashion, beauty, and adventures, Chelsea’s blog undeniably reflects who she is as a person. With her quirky poses and snort-worthy puns that she sneaks into her writing, The Whimsical Wanderer ultimately becomes one of your favourite blogs to read. "- Keith Rodriguez of Sartorial Noir

HI! I'm Chelsea, the 18 year-old Filipina girl behind The Whimsical Wander who aspires to become a successful entrepreneur in the near future. While I'm working for that future to happen I spend a tremendous amount of time in front of the computer looking for new cookie recipes, videos from my favourite choreographers, episodes of my latest korean drama, beauty hacks, and etc. Until one day I decided that I should put my time in front of the computer into something productive and can give me the chance to actually get my butt off the computer and explore.

This blog will be a documentation of my discovering not only the world around me but also myself. The content of this blog will not be focused on one specific topic because I plan to literally put everything here, from my travels to my newly tried out recipes and everything else that comes into my mind.

I hope that by visiting my blog you may be inspired and motivated to try something new. I don't want to only find myself through this blog but I want all of us to take on this journey or self-discovery and improvement.

Now that you know more about me and my blog, why not head back and read my posts?
Thank you for reading!
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