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Saturday, November 15, 2014

4 Reasons why you should attend The Feast

I have been in the Light of Jesus community my entire life, no exaggeration added. My life has been nothing but blessed because of the people I am with every week. Every single time I meet with them I get overwhelmed by how blessed I am to be living the life I have now. Yes, I am a sinner, but when I go to The Feast that doesn’t matter anymore because every time I’m there I am reminded that God’s love for me will always be greater than my sins. 
I know that some of you out there are thinking that you lack love if your life, you are a disgraceful sinner, you can’t break away from your vices, you are worthless, and some might even think that they don’t deserve to be loved by God. In the Feast we will change all of that and make you feel that you deserve to be loved and that you are worth more than what everyone else thinks of you, of what you think of yourself. And if that is not enough, I listed down 4 more reasons why you should attend The Feast. 

1. Mass will always be interesting.
Father Alex giving an awesome Homily, as always.

The Feast makes sure that whenever you spend time with God, it will be a time spent with fun and laughter. The priests invited are all very entertaining, inspiring and fun to listen to. If you want to hear a mass but you don’t want to hear dragging homilies, then The Feast is the right place to go.
2. Worship = a beautiful way of releasing stress

Yes, we do worship after the mass. If you feel awkward with singing and raising your hands while doing so, its fine. We don’t force you to do so, we just want you to be comfortable in God’s presence. I always look forward to worships because its when I can sing to God about the things I’m sorry and thankful for. 
Don’t worry, the songs are awesome. It can make you jump, clap and sometimes even cry. Most of the time it has repetitive lyrics which makes it easy to follow. In every feast you can always expect an awesome music ministry to lead you in worshiping. Oh, and if you’re scared to sing out loud because you’re not really confident in your singing, DON”T WORRY. Like I said before, we don’t judge, you are free to sing your lungs out if you want to. (And also because I have also had my fair share of not giving justice to the beautiful songs being sang)

3. The talks
Our Feast Builder, Randy Borromeo giving an interesting talk.
After the short worship talks will be given by AWESOME speakers. No matter what Feast branch you choose to attend, you are in for a very very very fun time. The talks are always interesting with a new series every month. If you think that the talk will not benefit you, we then, you are wrong. I listened to talks I thought are for my parents but it turns out I needed the lesson as much as my parents do. Every single talk made me excited for the next one and when a series is done it makes me even more excited for the next series. 
The talks will cater to every single soul in the room; not because of the awesome themes, the awesome speaker, the design of the presentation, but because they will be inspired by the message they will receive and how they decide letting the message of God work in them (And it is because of that message that I am writing this post)

4. You will find a family 

Every Feast wants you to experience God’s love in the best way possible, because of that we always welcome new members of the family. If you’re afraid you won’t belong, YOU ARE WRONG. The Feast is the happiest place on Earth. I promise you, people in every single Feast you go to will greet you with a smile on your faces and welcome you sincerely. 
If you think you are too much of sinner to be there; YOU ARE WRONG. Every single soul in the room is not perfect. Maybe some even have more sins that you do, and if you think you will be judged by that, I am telling you now that what you are thinking will never happen.The Feast is not a centre for saints but a hospital for sinners (hello tito Randy, I just had to place what you said here). We want you to have a family and a home that will cater to your spiritual needs, and that’s what the Feast is here for. 
This ends my summarised version of why you should attend The Feast. If you’re really curious, then try one out for yourself and maybe you can add-on to this list of awesome things I have listed down for you. 
Still curious? Check out this site for more information on The Feast and locate the nearest gathering near you! 
When you do try it out, I hope that The Feast will bless you the same way they did to me

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