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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wandering in: Hong Kong

As stated in my previous post, my friends and I have embarked on a very exciting trip to Hong Kong from April 1-4, it was filled with laughs, shopping and of course….food. Through this post you will be able to see the things we did, the food we ate and the places we’ve been. I hope you guys enjoy!

Lets just say I went through this day half-awake. I hosted a debut the night before and stayed there until 1am. I had to fix my things and ended at 3:30, my mom told me that we should leave at 4:30 because I have to be in my friend’s house at 5. I told myself that I should just sleep on the plane, even if the flight was only 1 hour and 30 minutes, a decision I totally regret making.

When we arrived, I felt refreshed, not only because of the sleep i got during the flight but also because of the weather. While our friends in the Philippines were burning under the sun, here we are wrapped in our comfy sweaters enjoying the cool breeze. 

We took the airport express and then went down in Kowloon where our Hotel and everything else was.

(it was such a clean and pretty train)

And then we took a bus to our hotel! 

We ate our lunch in the hotel buffet and it was more than enough to get me excited on the food. I mean look at what we had for dessert.

(Flourless chocolate cake with ice cream)

Then we went around the mall to digest the food then fixed our stuff in our room (trust me, I just wanted to stay in the bed forever). After that we went to dinner in Taiwan Beef Noodle. THAT DINNER WAS JUST AMAZING. After dinner we decided to walk around again, but this time out in the streets (Grandville) and it was so pretty, everything was bright and lively. There were shops everywhere!


But we eventually got tired and headed back to our room. 

This day was the most exhausting yet super fun day. Why? One Word: DISNEYLAND. 


Even if I got back all the hours of sleep I’ve lost it didn’t prepare me for this day. It was the rainy season in HK and we prayed really hard not to let it rain when we went to Disneyland. The sun was shining when we woke up but then it poured really hard when we finished breakfast. We decided to continue going to Disneyland; so we took a train (which I really loved riding) to the Disneyland resort. We were already on our last train going to Disneyland and the rain was still pouring. 

All the negative thoughts washed away when I saw the train. It was the coolest and cutest train ever!


When we arrived in Disneyland, we bought rain ponchos, but when we went out it the rain completely stopped and it only poured again when we were leaving already. (Thank You Lord for bring super awesome) 
We felt like kids in Disneyland, and it was really fun spending it with my best of friends.

(Me and my best friend Ciara finally landed this pose haha)

(The churros were huge. I felt like a jedi/wizard with my phoncho and churro)

Now here comes the fun part. Going back to our hotel, we had to take the same route which meant we had to use the train, I don’t know what happened but we actually MISSED OUR STOP.


Good thing it wasn’t much of a hassle to ride trains in Hong Kong but it still shocked us that it still happened. By the time we reached the right train station we were out of it and decided to just have McDonald’s for dinner. When we arrived in the hotel my friend ’s mom asked “Aren’t you girls going shopping?” We just all shook our heads and hit the hay. 

This was also a draining day. Why? This was the day we took the longest train and bus rides. But it was fun. We went to Victoria’s Peak where it was VERY foggy, I have never seen so much fog in my life.


We headed to a mall and went to Madame Tusseau’s a wax museum filled with wax figures of famous people.


After sightseeing, we got ourselves some wax hands! (I don’t have a picture of it though) And  some ice cream, which is funny because the weather was so cold but we wanted ice cream, we even ate it outside! After a quick recharge we started on the long journey back to the hotel. Dinner was the best part though. BECAUSE WE HAD TAIWAN BEEF TAKE-OUT (I ate a whole tupperware of rice). And then we went back to do some shopping in Gandville. 

Finally down to our last day, we had McDonald’s for breakfast, and went around to splurge using the money we have left. We ate a REALLY GOOD LUNCH and also a REALLY GOOD DINNER. And I was going to cry because I will really miss the food there. Nothing much really happened this day, it was mostly us just trying to pack and get ready for the flight. When we went to the airport to wait for our flight, we met a new friend named Dane he was so cool he’s a breakdancer and he even danced for our music video (yes we have music videos-1 for each day). He was on his way to a dance competition in another country (can I please have his life)

(blurry pictures *side eyes*)

During the flight, I had to sit beside a man who really didn’t smell good and it was agony :(( good thing Cathay Pacific had good entertainment. I watched MAMA (But only for EXO and Big Bang lol) (fangirl side coming through) and played Bejeweled haha. 


Finally home sweet home. Its funny because in the plane we were wearing sweaters but the moment we landed in Manila we took it off because of the HOT weather. 

And that sums up my trip to Hong Kong! If you have made it to this part of the post then I really thank you for reading such a heavy post haha. 
The experience was amazing, it was my first time to fly alone (without my parents) and its also my first time to go on a trip wherein I felt how it was really like to shop in a different country haha. Thank you to my best friend Ciara and her family for this SUPER amazing trip. And to Nycole and Bianca for making it extra fun. 

I would really recommend Hong Kong to all of you because its a lively country, the weather is beautiful, SOO MANY STORES TO CHOOSE FROM (where the variety is amazing and cheaper than the prices in the Philippines) and THE FOOD IS JUST AMAZING OKAY. I can go on and on about the food but lets just say they’re my favourite cuisine now.
Credits to Nycole and Ciara for the pictures!
I can’t wait to blog about my next trip and share it to you guys!
Thank you for reading!


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