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Saturday, December 20, 2014

My First Online Shopping Experience with Zalora + Review

With its wide array of products ranging from long gowns to hair clips for the ladies and Designer shoes to wallets for men, ZALORA has made itself “Asia’s Online Fashion Destination” with branches not only here in the Philippines but in other Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. With its entrance in the Philippine market, this website has taken online shopping to the next level. 

If some of you may not know, I have always wanted to go shopping online but I never really continued with my purchases because of the following reasons:
  • I do not have a credit card
  • I’m scared to ask my parents
  • We don’t have a PayPal account (huhu I know)
  • Ordering from an online store based in a different country makes me afraid of customs
  • I just don’t have money at all
I know, I don’t even know why I bothered going window shopping online anyways. 

Then, in one very beautiful Sunday afternoon, I was able to receive money I was told to use for the things I want online. THAT WAS WHEN MY JOURNEY STARTED.

I’ve always wanted to try out shopping in Zalora because of their CASH-OH DELIVERY because as stated before, I don’t have a card or a paypal account so that was one of the strongest buying factors for me. I did my research by checking others’ reviews and experiences on shopping in Zalora and fortunately, most of it (if not all) were goo.
After my research, I decided to go right away into my first every try in shopping. Here’s a list of the items I bought.


The good thing about Zalora is the promos and sales they have. My almost-2,000 peso purchase went down to being less than 1,500 pesos! TIPS: (1) Wait for the Sales.  (2) Buy Basics. (3) Sign-up for the newsletter for promo codes.
I clicked purchase and selected CASH-ON DELIVERY and waited for my package to arrive. Throughout the whole wait Zalora kept me updated by sending me e-mails so I don’t have to ask them or follow up with the tracking because they did it all for me already!
With my package ordered on Monday morning, the package arrived Wednesday afternoon! Super fast, if you ask me. When I got home, I finally opened my package, took a look at my items and here’s what I saw inside


Now lets take a look at what my purchases look like!


Basic Pleated Sleeve Women Tee- ZALORA BASICS
I’ve always wanted to own a top like this and I didn’t miss the chance when I saw it in the catalogue. Although it has its weird fit on me, my mom says it looks nice (thank you mom). 

Php 549 


Colourblocked Knitted Top- Something Borrowed
This next purchase came out a little different from what I expected because I thought the white part was the same material with the top but turns out it was like of like a see-through and thin fabric. But  the material is perfect for the bipolar weather we have in the Philippines. PHP  629


Basic Strappy Cami- EZRA by ZALORA
The third purchase is one of my favourites , I love love love this top because of the back. It works so well with almost all of my shorts and skirts when I want to go out. Oh, and let’s not forget the sexy back haha. PHP 359


PU Ballerina Flats- ZALORA BASICS
This last item is the one I was most nervous about because…. ITS SHOES. Fortunately, Zalora has this very accurate size chart that really helped me with my sizes (not only with my shoes but also with the clothing). I was VERY SATISFIED with the flats because it’s material was cloth and it was SUPER DUPER COMFY. I now use it very frequently when I go out and its one of the most comfortable flats I have ever worn. PHP 399
 Let me break down the pros and cons of this experience.

  • Cash-on delivery (THE BEST)
  • Very easy buying process
  • Beautiful and easy-to-navigate website
  • Wide selection of products
  • Fast delivery
  • Most products are close to the image shown on the website
  • Return and exchange
  • Some of the sizes aren’t accurate
  • It took me a while to navigate the size chart
  • Sometimes the sizes aren’t matching or aren’t even included in the size chart
  • Some of the items don’t have any specific measurements of the product
Definitely, when I save up more money or if my parents and I are too lazy to go and look for something outside.
That wraps up my first ever online shopping experience! Thank you to Zalora for making it light and stress-free.
I’m planning on buying from Lazada next time, any opinions and experiences you want to share? Please feel free to do so. I am also open to your questions, I will try to answer them as quick as I could.


Thank you for reading!

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