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Sunday, July 5, 2015

12 Things: Bangs & Fringes

Hello there! Guess who’s back with another post about….. hair! Yes I did get full bangs right before school started. No I did not ask for bangs, I asked the stylist to do whatever he wants with my hair and BOOM, I have bangs (again). Its not my first time having bangs, in fact now that I remember it both times I got bangs were both out of my own will haha. And with all the articles about bangs and fringes popping left and right, I decided to make my own list on what to be prepared for when you get bangs. Check it out!

  1. Prepare for a whole new pampering routine.
    Before I got bangs, I barely used the blowdryer and sometimes I didn’t even fix my hair. After getting bangs I had to blow-dry and brush them every morning before I step out of the house. Its not much of a hassle actually since you go out with fresh looking and bouncy bangs!
  2. You will get hotter 100x faster
    With the blazing sunlight and your bangs block your forehead you will see yourself perspiring faster than before. 
  3. Your eyes will get irritated
    You wouldn’t know if its because of the dust particles or your bangs poking your eyes.
  4. and so will your forehead
    Having bangs can also lead to acne and pimples on your forehead if not taken well care of. 
  5. You will invest in headbands and hair clips
    Because there will be days when you wished you didn’t have bangs, especially on hot and humid days, which is…. every single day in the Philippines.
  6. Trying to fix it when you start sweating or getting oily
    Which will result to not getting it back to how it used to be but hey, having spaces in between your bangs can look sophisticated and natural too!
  7. Having no choice but to wash up when you wake up
    Because you wouldn’t want to step out looking like you stuck things on your forehead
  8. Having your own personal sun visor and shades
    Even if you may feel hot you can still shade your eyes from the sun with your own personal sun visor!!!
  9. Drastic change in style without sacrificing your hair length
    If you want to change things up with your hair but you don’t want to get rid of your long locks, getting bangs is the way to go!
  10. You look instantly cuter
    Because how can you not look cuter in bangs.
  11. The best cover up
    Although they may cause pimples, bangs are the best way to cover up some unwanted spots and bumps on your face. Oh and if you're rushing, you can pass on the eyebrow make-up since they wouldn't appear as much anyways.
  12. Change your style to whatever you want!
    If you want it quick and easy just brow dry it downwards. If you want a little change in style, blow dry it sidewards.If you don’t want it at all, tuck it in with a headband or a pin!
Having bangs may have a number of cons but there are many ways to counter those cons and who knows you might get used to it and not mind those cons at all. If you actually had the courage to get bangs but ended up not liking the results, no worries at all, you just have to pin it up and wait for it to grow a little then you can put it down and sweep it to the side and let it grow from there. Don't worry, its just hair, it'll grow back anyways.
All in all having bangs can be a huge hassle but it won’t matter when you walk into the room feeling more fabulous than everyone else.

Hoped you liked it! 


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