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Friday, April 29, 2016

Seoul Summer 2016

"Let's just organize a dance workshop."
"We can, but people can learn the dances themselves through youtube."
"True. What's your plan?"
"Something bigger."
"You sure?"
And that marked the start of a whole new adventure.

Seoul Summer 2016 -a K-pop cosplay and dance cover contest- happened last March 6, 2016 at SM Light Mall. It still amazes me how my friends and I (SeoulSearch Productions) were able to pull this thing off. I really didn't expect anything big to happen or many people to attend, but thankfully the outcome surpassed our expectations by a landslide. 

The preparations prior to the event were very hectic, but not as hectic as it was on the day itself. Sleeping at almost 3AM only to arrive at SM Light Mall by 7:30AM, and head on straight to work fixing the tech, music, and visuals, it was VERY TIRING, but I loved every single bit of it.

We ended the event with a new love for organizing events and a big chunk of respect for every single person behind them.

Scroll down to see some of my favourite pictures from #SEOULSUMMER2016 taken by Kevin Lee, Trixie Yusay, and your's truly.
Our Stage! I was freaking out when I saw this because, SEOUL SUMMER 2016 IS FINALLY HAPPENING!

What actually goes on behind the stage. I was in the middle of mixing the music to be used for the rest of the games.

While I was behind the stage, this was happening. Post-it game!
Some of my personal favourites from the Cosplay contest. #SLAY

No, they're not sleeping. This is actually another game called Random Play Dance where the contestants simply dances the choreography to the playing song. The only challenge here is for them to keep up with the constantly changing songs. Funniest part of the event, this was so much fun to watch.

This time, the best shots from the Cover Group Dance contest! <3

Thank you to our judges for the cosplay competition. (L-R) Zack Tolosa, Keith Chan, and Dondie Martin.

Many thanks as well to our judges for the Cover Group Dance Competition! (L-R) Elij Tolosa, Sef Remollo FROM A-TEAM!!, Austin Lee, and Joey Tay (not in the picture huhu)

The event was also packed with special performances by known cosplayers and groups like Zack & Elij Tolosa, Sheeny, and First Class, just to name a few.

Our winners for the cosplay competition! 
From Right to Left
2nd Runner-up: Ghia Lim
1st Runner-up: Justine Garcia 
Champion: Patrick Carmen 

Winners for the Cover Group Dance Competition!
From Right to Left
2nd Runner-up: Royal Empire
1st Runner-up: B.EXID
Champions: Red Intense

Check out this video to see what else happened during the event.


To the manpower, and to our friends who came by to help, thank you to everything. You guys don't know how much it means to us. 

Finally, to SeoulSearch Prod, 
on to the next one. ;)

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